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Charity & Memberships

04/2023: selected artist for the brushes with cancer program

09/2022: fundraising for the Auction for Climate Action, Hamburg, Germany


04/2022: fundraising for the orphanage for children of Ukraine, Freiburg, Germany with the goddessarts magazine


03/2022: art auction with “a space arts” for Yellow Door that prevents and responds to domestic and sexual abuse., Southhampton, UK


03/2022: charity art auction of the NGO “Gravity Water”, California, USA


12/2021: art fundraising for the women’s rights organization Art to Healing, Australia


04/2021: art fundraising for the women’s rights organization Terre des Femmes for their 40. anniversary, Berlin, Germany


03/2021: participation in the charity art auction of the NGO Gravity Water for clean drinking water, California, USA


07/2021: member of the Neunion Community, an art gallery for charity, Hamburg, Germany


03/2021: part of the Where are the Women Artists (WATWA) directory of Art Girl Rising, USA


02/2021: member of the Nationale Associatie voor Beeldend Kunstenaars (NABK), Netherlands 


01/2021: member of the international known Women and their Work Association, Texas, USA

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