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Magazines & Publications

02/2024: The Warriors Within Collective, Vol. 16

01/2024: Salon de Refusées, Krautart


03/2023: Delirium Magazine, Issue 45, Paris, France

03/2023: Marvelous Art Magazine, issue March 2023, Poole, UK

02/2023: Quadro Magazine, Fantasy February, Vol. 52, New York, USA,  cover story

02/2023: Boudoir Inspiration, February Issue Sensuality, Miami, USA

02/2023: Feature Magazine, Issue 22, Auckland, New Zealand

02/2023: The Style Researcher, Anniversary Issue 29, Rome, Italy

09/2022: 6x Fashion Magazine, Vol. 45, San Diego, USA


08/2022: Imirage Magazine, Art edition, Ontario, Canada, cover story


08/2022: Untold Magazine, nude & boudoir edition, Athens, Greece, cover story



08/2022: Artells Magazine, Fineart August, Vol. 314, New York, USA


07/2022: Marvelous Art Magazine, issue 5, Leicester, UK


04/2022: Art Magazineium, issue 14, cover story, Istanbul, Turkey


03/2022: Collect Art Magazine, Women Art Special edition, Tbilisi, Georgia


03/2022: Art and Cake Magazine, Art of Poetry, Los Angeles, USA


01/2022: Art Market Magazine, issue 66, Tel Aviv, Israel


12/2021: Covos lifestyle magazine, issue 5, Dallas, UK


12/2021: Moevir lifestyle magazine, cover story, issue 28, Paris, France


11/2021: Marika lifestyle magazine, issue 1622, cover story, New York/Moscow


10/2021: Swanky lifestyle magazine, fashion forward, issue IV, London, UK




10/2021: 17:23 lifestyle magazine, issue 17, Paris, France


10/2021: Top Posters Magazine – ranked top fine artist (back cover), issue 635 Barcelona, Spain


10/2021: The Purposeful Mayonnaise Art Journal, issue 3, London, Canada


10/2021: Art for All Magazine, Los Angeles, USA


10/2021: published in the award winning CREATIV Magazine, Milestone Issue, 46, Miami, USA


09/2020: special feature in the Make Sense LGBT Magazine, front + back cover, Vol. 7, New York; USA


09/2021 MVIBE Magazine, back cover, Art Issue 28.2, Athens, Greece


08/2021: published in the exhibition catalogue of the Biennale Austria „Another Day in Paradise“, Austria


07/2021: CAE (Contemporary Art Book of Excellence), Dubai, United Arab Emirates


06/2021: The Best Address Luxury and Lifestyle Magazine, New-Delhi, India


04/2021: Working Artist Magazine, Vol. 3 Cardiff, UK


03/2021: Art Hole Magazine, Vol. 9, Edinburgh, UK


03/2021 Boomer Magazine, Vol. 1, Boomer Gallery, London, UK


02/2021: GAA (Global Art Agency) publishing, Dubai/London


02/2021: Artist’s Circle book, Vol. IV, Art is Life, Texas, USA


02/2021 Lesnouveauxriches Magazin, Studio View Edition, Vienna, Austria


10/2020: Artist Talk Magazine, Issue 13, London, UK w_-_portfolio_1.pdf

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